Peace is far away

On Sunday morning another central figure of the peace progress in Afghanistan was murdered. A stranger killed Arsala Rahmani on his way to the parliament near the university of Kabul. The murderer used a gun with a silencer and was in a car next to Rahmani. It is probable that the car window on Rahmani’s side was opened opened. The first bullet hit Rahmani’s heart, therefore he died immediately. The driver did not recognize the whole situation because of the silencer and the street noise. The unknown assassin was able to flee.

Arsala Rahmani was an ethnic Pashtun who had a positive attitude to the Taliban. Until 2001 Rahmani was the minister of education during the Taliban regime. Before that he was minister of hajj and religious affairs during the mujahedin government. In his lifetime Rahmani was an important person of the peace council of Afghan president Hamed Karzai. He had very good connections to the Taliban and in fact he was one of their biggest sympathiziers. That is the main point why the Taliban had no reason to kill him. Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahed already said that the Taliban have nothing to do with the assassination of Arsala Rahmani.

A few time ago Rahmani visited many prisons in Afghanistan. He also visited the prisoner camps of the USA in Bagram and other provinces. Arsala Rahmani worked hard to stop the harsh conditions for the prisoners in Afghanistan. Many people also know that the majority of these prisoners are not guilty, they are not terrorists and they are not members of „Al Qaida“. Rahmani also planned to visit the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba. Unfortunately it is too late now.

Arsala Rahmani is the second central figure of the Afghan peace council who had been killed. Last year former Afghan president Burhanuddin Rabbani died in the same way. The big difference is that Rahmani was a pro-Taliban Pashtun and former Taliban leader. Currently media and politicians cannot blame the Taliban for this assassination. So the question is: Who killed Arsala Rahmani?

I guess that the US and the CIA are also pretty happy that such an important person is dead now. I cannot imagine that they wanted him to visit Guantanamo Bay and see how innocent Muslims get tortured every day. Nevertheless, I do not think that the US directly have much connections with this planned assassination. The US, especially the CIA prefers to use stooges for their dirty work. In this case, they used the Pakistani intelligence service ISI. Honestly, I do not want to know how many ISI-agents are currently in Afghanistan. These guys know exactly what to do to manipulate the Afghan society, especially Warlords of the former Afgan civil war are quite useful for the ISI.

One of the states who does not want peace in Afghanistan is Pakistan. Since it’s creation, the Pakistani state is one of the biggest enemies of Afghanistan. Especially the ISI wants to interrupt the peace progress in Afghanistan. In the past, Pakistani radicals, supported financially and ideologically by the ISI, attacked Shia shrines in Afghanistan and killed many innocent people. In fact Afghanistan is one of the few Islamic countries where Shias and Sunnis live in peace together.

It must be known that the Pakistani government and the ISI are not interested in peace in their neighbouring state. Rahmani and Rabbani were killed „very properly“. The culprits are still unknown. Both assassinations were very good planned and accomplished. In fact everybody knows that there are some powerful people behind the scenes. People who are against peace in Afghanistan. People who do not care about humanity and religion.

As long as Pakistan denies this facts, there will not be peace in Afghanistan.


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