Comment on the massacre of Kandahar

About one week ago the massacre of Kandahar happened. A massacre that Afghans will not forget. The official version of the US-government wants to show us something which is not tally with the truth. The US-authorities influence the mass media of the Western civilization and want to convince us that the murders were done by a single person.

A short review: At the night of March 11th 2012 sixteen civilians were killed in a village in Kandahar. The victims were nine women, three children and four very old men. No one of them were anything like a „Taliban“ or a „terrorist“. They were unarmed and attacked while they were asleep. After they were killed, the culprit tried to burn some of the corpses.

Now one week is over and a lot of new facts are known. The gunman, called Robert Bales, was a beloved family father but nevertheless, he has some drinking problems and quarrels with his wife. Before he came to Afghanistan, he was stationed three times in Iraq. During the Iraq War he lived to see many horrible things. These events damaged his psyche. One day before he ran amok in Kandahar, he had seen how one of his comrades lost his leg.
In my opinion it is unbelievable that such unstable persons like Bales are sent to foreign countries to make war by the USA.
Apart from that fact I do not believe that Robert Bales was the only murderer.

Witnesses in Kandahar tell a different story. They claim that they have seen a group of soldiers who attacked the village at night. New investigations prove that at least two of the dead women were abused sexually before they were killed. Among the witnesses are many children and teenagers. They said that their family members were awakened and shot in the middle of the night by US-soldiers. Some of them added that they even recognized helicopters in the area.
I can not understand why these innocent children and villagers should spread lies.

The Western mass media does not care about this facts. They do not tell about the witnesses. You just could find them on Afghan news-sites like Pajhwok-News or BBC.Pashto. In the last days even the Russian news-channel RT reported on a group of US-soldiers. However the majority of the news does not want to tell us the truth. They want to make us believe that Robert Bales was the only one. He is the scapegoat for the whole scenario and now he is in the USA. Nobody knows when the government brings him to trial. I also cannot imagine that the Afghan witnesses will be called as witnesses before the court.
Meanwhile the Afghan investigators in Kandahar complain about the bad cooperation of the US-army. In my opinion the US-authorities just pretend to solve the case immediately. In fact they are not interested in the destiny of the people in Kandahar. They do not care about Afghanistan and about our victims. The whole scenario calls the massacre of My Lai in mind. During the Vietnam War US-soldiers attacked the village My Lai and killed 504 civilians. The soldiers did not question their crimes. For them every villager was a supporter of the Vietcong. Finally no one of the murderers was arrested. Currently we can see the same situation here. Robert Bales is nothing more than a scapegoat for the US-authorities.

Justice is far away.


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